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DRE Partners consulting services may include providing expert advice, assistance, guidance or counseling in support of management, organizational, and business improvement efforts. This may also include studies, analyses and reports documenting any proposed developmental, consultative or implementation efforts.

We can provide consultation on strategic, business and action planning, high performance work process and productivity improvement, systems alignment leadership systems, organizational assessments, cycle time performance measures and indicators program audits, and evaluations.

DRE Partners also provides transaction management expertise and due diligence services on single family and multifamily structured finance transactions. DRE Partners provides pre-closing as well as post-closing consulting services.


Strategies include:



Customizing a workflow plan that is to be designed and implemented to track job tasks, including document preparation and review.  The new workflow model was designed to  enhance office productivity and improve efficiency. The new office model also includes a database that shall be designed to take advantage of Microsoft Access’s e-mail alert and security options.
Designing tools that will be customized to meet the goals a new office productivity plan. These tools will integrate seamlessly into the current Microsoft Office software currently in use.


A documentation and training package were prepared and accompanied the installation of the new database tool. The documentation included an outline of roles and responsibilities, standard calendars, processes and procedures, and suggested system upgrades.
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